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Nektar Panorama CS12

Sábado 16 de marzo de 2024

Nektar Panorama CS12

Nektar Panorama CS12, DAW Channel Strip Controller, Suitable for Logic, High-resolution 100 mm motorised fader, TFT Display, 11 Illuminated RGB pads, 12 Encoders in 4x3 grid, Access to 26 transport, navigation and Logic Pro functions, Zoom and speed control, Extended insert plug-in control for AU as well as for the insert effects included in Logic Pro, Instrument control via SmartControl or Logic Pro-Learn user pages, Nektarine software for customised mapping, All Logic Pro insert plug-ins predefined, Fine control with up to 10x (14-bit) resolution, TRS footswitch socket for connecting up...

Precio : 398,00 €

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