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Mutable Instruments Blades

Miércoles 27 de enero de 2021

Mutable Instruments Blades

Mutable Instruments Blades; Eurorack module; Dual Multimode Filter; for each channel: manual controls for filter frequency, resonance, drive/wavefolfer and mode (filter characteristics); filter mode morphable from lowpass over bandpass to highpass; adjustable signal routing (filter 1/2 independently, parallel or serial); switchable filter-link; CV inputs for drive, mode and frequency (1V/Oct.); CV inputs for frequency, resonance and routing, each with attenuverter; signal input/output per channel and mixed main output; power consumption: 150mA (+12V) / 140mA (-12V); width: 18 HP; depth:...

Precio : 299,00 €

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