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Jackson Audio Fuzz

Domingo 2 de mayo de 2021

Jackson Audio Fuzz

Jackson Audio Fuzz; Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar; Modular Fuzz with Octave; easily exchangeable Plug In Modules offer faithful and completely analog recreations of iconic Fuzz circuits; The 3-Band EQ & Switchable Octaver further expand the Pedals sonic versatility; 2 Modules included: Modern Fuzz & Classic Vintage Fuzz; (further Fuzz modules are available under item no. 515542, 515545, 515548 & 515550 - not included); Controls: Volume, Mid Freq, Fuzz, Bass, Middle, Treble, Vol, Blend, Oct; Internal Trimmer: Treb Freq, Treb Q, Mid Q, Bass freq, Bass Q; Push Buttons: ; LED: Fuzz On,...

Precio : 289,00 €

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