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API Audio Select T25

Martes 26 de octubre de 2021

API Audio Select T25

API Audio Select T25; 2-Channel Tube Compressor; Audio circuit uses 12AT7WC and 12BH7, dual-triode vacuum tubes; FET based gain reduction circuit; 11-step attack time switch; 11-step release time switch; 4 fixed ratios; 31-step input/threshold control; 31-step output/make-up gain control; Detented controls for accurate recall; Patented THRUST® switch for frequency-dependent side chain control; Link Switch for stereo operation; 10-segment LED gain reduction meter; Peak LED; Classic analog VU meters for output; Full hard-wired relay bypass; Connections: Line-In XLR and 6.3 mm Jack, Line-Out...

Precio : 2290,00 €

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